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Precision Motorized Linear Stage w/30mm Travel

Precision Motorized Linear Stage w/30mm Travel
Product name : Precision Motorized Linear Stage w/30mm Travel
Item : MT90X-30
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Details :
 Precision Motorized Linear Stage with 30 mm Travel

1. Key Features
2. Specifications
3. Dimension Drawings
4. Documents and Drawings

1.    Key Features
- 30 mm travel
- 15 kg load capacity in horizontal
- Precision leadscrew with 1 mm pitch
- Cross roller bearing for precise linear motion control
- Low power and high torque stepper motor
- Allows for XY, XYZ system

Motorized Linear Stages from MPositioning are ideal for providing a vast range of positioning solutions to many markets including research and academia, photonics and optics, testing and measurement, life science and material science.

The model, MT90X-30, motorized linear translation stage is used to precisely position an object along a single axis, and multipile linear stages can be set up in XY or XYZ orientation. The Motorized Linear Stage includes a moving platform and stationary base joined by a bearing system, and is drived by a low power and high torque step motor. It is easy to integrate the proper motion controller in your market.

The Motorized Stage is preferred for high load and high speed applications, as well as applications where manual adjustment by a knob.

And please check out the FAQ to know more information about the recommended operating environment.

2.    Specifications

Model Number


Travel Range

30 mm

Platform Size

90 mm x 90 mm

Mechanical Drive System

Precision Leadscrew with 1 mm pitch

Travel Guide

Precise Cross Roller Bearing Guide

Motor Type

Stepper Motor with 2-Phases and 1.8° Stepping Angle

Motor Steps per Revolution


Material & Finish

Aluminum Alloy, Black Anodized

Max. Center Loading

15.0 kg (Horizontal Position)

Max. Load Capacity

3.0 kg (Vertical Position)


1.45 kg

Design Resolution

5 μm/Pulse, without Micro Step Driving


2 μm

Stage Parallelization

< 30 μm

Operating Temperature

10℃ - 50℃

Stage Parallelization

< 30 μm

3.    Dimension Drawings

 Dimension of Motorized Linear Translation Stage, MT90X-30

4.    Documents and Drawings

Click the Document name below to view or download the available support documentations.






Dimension Drawing for MT90X-30


712 KB


Dimension Drawing for MT90X-30


29.4 KB

Stepper Motor

Specifications of High Torque Step Motor


368 B

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Product Description


30 mm Travel in both X and Y Axes, XY Motorized Linear Translation Stage.


30 mm Travel in both X, Y and Z Axes, XYZ Motorized Linear Stage.


Right Angle Bracket for the applications when stacks an XYZ system


Send Email to us for more information about Precision Motorized Linear Stage w/30mm Travel! ←[Previous : MT160X Series]
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