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Manual Goniometer Stages are Uploaded

Author : Admin Date : 8/31/2013 8:54:36 AM
 MPositioning Releases Two Model Goniometer Stages

     We uploaded the new Goniometer Stages we manufactured. Please kindly find the below information and search the model number in our site.

The model G65R-15C, Manual Goniometer Stage, rotates about a fixed point above the top surface of the stage. It is usually used to rotate an subject precisely, within a small angular range.

In our Goniometer Stages, the distance from the point of rotation to the top surface was designed so two different Goniometer Stages can be stacked in an XY system and both stages will rotate about the same point. In the applications, the model G65R-15C can be mounted on top of the G65R-10C. This XY Goniometer system will have the same point of rotation.

Both two of our Goniometers are designed with the Dovetail Slides and accompanied by a thumb screw. These provide a accurate and repeatable positioning. The small thumb screw can be used to lock the platform in position.

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