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How to build an XYZ-Rotation Positioning System?

Author : Admin Date : 7/10/2014 2:40:08 AM
How to Build an XYZ-Rotation Positioning Stages?

Here, we would like to explain how to assemble an XYZ plus Rotation Positioning Stage. When choosing a multi-axis positioning stage, be sure to consider the travel range requirements, the load of your applications and the overall size of systems, and make sure that all the stages should be assembled in one.

Firstly, please check the related items when you are looking for an XY, XYZ or XYZ-Rotation positioning stages as following:
- X, Y: 2 of Linear Translation Stage
two of single axis stages can be stacked an XY stage;

- Z: Vertical Translation Stage
Normally, there are two type of vertical stages based on different position of top tables. One of top table is parallel to the XY stage, and tho other type is perpendicular to the XY stage. See the difference as following:
a). The platform is Parallel to the XY stage
b). The Platform is Perpendicular to the XY stage
Here, we will mainly to present the XYZ stage with platform in horizontal position (parallel to the XY stage).

- R: Rotation Stage
This rotary stage should be mountable on the table of Z stage, and the direction of rotation axis is subject to the positionof top table in Z stage.
Take the below solution for example, the the direction of rotation axis in R is Vertical (parallel to the gravity).

(See Details from the below image)
How to build an XYZ-Rotation Positioning System?